Acne Cure Roll On

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Many creams, oils, gels are available in the market to cure Acne. For topical acne drugs, the most common side effects are skin dryness and irritation.
Natural herbs and oils based solution by us helps cure acne without drying.

Benefits targeted: Cures acne without leaving any mark

Everyone wants to look good. But trying to find that miracle from lab generated products is like trying to find real nutrition in capsules instead of healthy, balanced meals.

Blessing of Nature: Mother nature has blessed us with miraculous products available in form of herbs, flowers, spices and oils. Our ancient Rishis like Charak, Kashyap, Sushrut, Vagbhata have identified these miraculous products and written down this gyan for reference of future generations. Triaanya’s healthmantra takes input from these knowledge banks and add additional input from Aromatherapy to design products.
USP: CUSTOMIZED PRODUCTS BASED ON COMPLETE HUMAN ANATOMY that includes blood group, prakriti, imbalance doshas, metabolism, endocrine system health, digestive system health and excretory system health.
This level of customization you won’t get anywhere else. #bespoke skincare at its best.



Acne Cure helps in Healing & Controlling Acne without leaving marks.

How To Use: Roll on the Acne breakouts or blackheads or white heads minimum three times a day.

Ingredients: The base oil of grapeseed blended with therapeutic herbs like jatamanshi, punarnava, nagkesar, lodhra, mahamanjishtha, daruharidra, vacha , Chandan, gulab to kill the bacteria causing infection and dry the acne.

Recommended Dietary and Lifestyle Changes:

  • Practice Anulom vilom Pranayam 10 minutes morning and night each
  • Intake of Triaanya’s healthmantra Floral Tea for blood detox
  • Intake of Triaanya’s healthmantra Liver detox for flushing out toxins from Liver
  • Consume Jeera, pudina water every morning.
  • Start your day with glass of bottlegourd and mint juice
  • Avoid sugar, processed and junk
  • Quit dairy and wheat. Use raw coconut and millet instead.
  • Have fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Practice these, use our Ayurvedic miracles and see your skin transforming for good. 🙂

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