Acne Free Glow Day Serum

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How we are different from Others:

All Products are free from chemical and artificial fragrance. This is a unique formulation designed by us using 5000 year old recipe of Ayurveda. This is a Handmade product. As you are aware Handmade products preserve the nutritive value of oils & herbs whereas machines process (mass production of products) raw material in fast mixer and increased temperature during mix lead to major loss of nutrients.

Mother nature has blessed us with miraculous products available in form of herbs, flowers, spices and oils. Our ancient Rishis like Charak, Kashyap, Sushrut, Vagbhata have identified these miraculous products and written down this gyan for reference of future generations. Triaanya’s healthmantra takes input from these knowledge banks and add additional input from Aromatherapy to design products.
USP: CUSTOMISED PRODUCTS BASED ON COMPLETE HUMAN ANATOMY that includes blood group, prakriti, imbalance doshas, metabolism, endocrine system health, digestive system health and excretory system health.

This level of customisation you won’t get anywhere else.

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*****  Triaanyas Health Mantra Provide wide range of cold pressed oil. We are ISO certified Company, FSSAI Certified, Promoting farming, Promoting Women Employment & Skill Development.


Nourishes, Balances, Heals, Protects.

How To Use: Massage 2 to 3 drops on face and neck in outward direction with upward strokes.

Ingredients: Acne cure herbs and therapeutic grade oils are blended with oil balancing, non clogging oils and plant extracts.

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