Jaggery: The powerhouse of health

Jaggery: The powerhouse of health

Jaggery Helps In Losing Weight, Gaining Sperm Quality, Increase Iron content and much more. Let see its benefits:

Sweet in taste, jaggery or gur, is popular across the globe due to its exotic taste and health benefits. It is prepared from fresh sugarcane. Often jaggery is mixed with nuts and seed and various products are made- jaggery with peanuts, jaggery mixed with seeds like sesame, chia or flaxs, chana dal, fennel seeds.
It is rich in minerals, vitamin, iron and other nutrients. As a sweetener, it is considered healthier compared to white sugar. Let’s go through the health benefits of jaggery or gur.

Health benefits of jaggery or gur:

1. Blood purification:

It purifies blood and also increases heamoglobin, boosts immunity and prevents many blood related problems.

2. Strengthens digestive system

It strengthens the digestive system. Eating gur or jaggery regularly reduces the risk of digestive disorders, improves functioning of digestive system, stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes and reduces overloading of digestive tract.

3. Bowel movement:

It also regulates proper and easy bowel movement, and gives relief from indigestion, intestinal worms and other stomach related issues.

4. Weight Loss Aid:

Gur of jaggery also helps in losing weight while satisfying your sugar cravings. It improves body metabolism which aids weight loss, reduces water retention and increases levels of minerals like potassium which help in managing weight and building muscles.

5. Strengthens Bones and Joints:

It strengthens bones and joints. It reduces joint pains and gives relief from other bone related problems. It also strengthens muscles by imparting energy.

6. Prevents respiratory issues:

It prevents respiratory issues like asthma and bronchitis. Jaggery and sesame seeds ladoos are the best for this.

7. Removes toxins:

It removes toxins from the body and cleanses the system. It also boosts the energy level.

8. Strengthens Nervous System:

Strengthens nervous system, and prevents nervous system disorders.

9. Aids in controlling B.P.:

It aids in controlling blood pressure. It maintains chemical balance in the body due to the presence of potassium and sodium.

10. Treats Hiccups:

It also treats problems like hiccups, and also reduces the risk of allergy. For hiccups add dry ginger powder with jaggery and take with lukewarm water.

11. Women Health:

It can be a wonder drug in case of many women health issues. It cures menstrual problems like stomach ache. Jaggery prevents anemia by maintaining RBC, and it also prevents fatigue and weakness.

12. Men Health:

Not only women, jaggery is beneficial for men as well. It improves the quality and quantity of sperms, energises body, reduces weakness and tiredness and treats urinary disorders.

13. Good for Skin:

Jaggery is considered good for skin too. It hydrates and nourishes skin, makes skin smooth, healthy and glowing. It cures acne and pimples, and prevents wrinkles, spots and early aging.

14. Good for Hair:

Jaggery or gur is also good for hair. It provides nourishment to hair, thereby adding volume and strength. Regular consumption ensures long, black, strong and healthy hair. Jaggery is also good for a healthy scalp.

How to eat jaggery for health benefits:

Gur is considered the best substitute for sugar, and is added in various sweet dishes. But you can consume jiggery in many other forms like:

With chana (Bengal gram whole):

It is good way to curb the hunger pangs at odd times (mid day or evening). It also protects you from anemia. You can eat gur with roasted chana for iron and folic acid.

With milk:

Winter is the best time to consume jaggery with milk. This keeps you warm, and strengthens your bones and gives relief from joint and muscle pains.


Jaggery tea with ginger is again a very good drink for winters. It keeps you warm and prevents infectious diseases.

Others ways:
• The most known and traditional way of eating jaggery is with sarson ka saag and makke ki roti (cooked mustard leaves and corn flour bread).
• Make gur breads and have with tea as snacks.
• In sweet dishes

One can prepare roti by adding gur and give to child who is poor eater and this helps them gain maximum nutrition.

Note: Take time to read and save this points for your health benefit.

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