Fever Aid

Fever Aid

100% Tested, Organic, Safe & Natural Ways to Treat a Fever, First aid for a baby or child with a fever, How to Effectively Treat Your Baby’s High-Temperature Fever

Fever season is on. Sadly many are falling sick. Blocked nose,
coughing primarily at night and viral is like very common in this season.

So what to do? Does popping pills help? No. So What helps? Well
Nature helps. The wonder products of nature helps much much better than the
synthetic chemicals in your fever aid medicines. Watch my video to know why and

When in fever, first thing we
must do is stop solid intake. All kind of solids should be avoided as digestion
requires maximum energy and if we eat solids the body would need more energy to
metabolize it hence the body would lack essential energy to fight the root
cause of fever. Abstinence of solids would strengthen immune system and help
the body repair fast too. But at the same time, one needs to take liquids. The
body shouldn’t get dehydrated. One needs to divide body weight by 10. And these
many liters of liquid is what one needs to take when in fever. What all can be
taken in this season fever? Cumin seeds, fennel seeds (half tsp), coriander
seeds 1 tsp each to be washed then cooked with 30 leaves of mint in a litre of
water. Add 2 inches white skin peeled giloy too if u have post crushing it.
This needs to be cooked for 20 minutes on low flame, covered. Give this water
at least 8 times in whole day. One liter would give 4 glasses. Quantity can be
adjusted as per age. Don’t keep it for more than 6 hours as it might get
spoiled. Make fresh. This is basic home aid for any kind of fever and in 90% of
the cases it would cure the person in 2 days.

Second thing is body weight divided by 10 number

Third is MAUSAMBI JUICE body weight divided by 10 glasses. Give 1 tsp
each 10 kg of body eight AMLA JUICE with honey too every morning. This can be
given to kids above 1 year. Fourth thing is RICE STARCH WATER OF SONAMASURI
BROWN RICE 5 times a day. Add pinch per 10 kg of body weight black pepper and
black salt to it.


Massage the feet and palm of the person in fever with this oil
mix. To 1 tbsp of Almond oil add 3 drops frankincense oil, 2 drops orange oil,
2 drops Roman chamomile oil and 1 drop peppermint oil. Massage every hour for
high fever. This reduces the temperature. But doesn’t impact immune system
negatively. Don’t give any fever reducing. medicine as those impact immune
system and delay healing. Room temperature water mixed with 3 drops
frankincense, 2 drops orange and 1 drop peppermint to be used for wet sponging
and forehead bandage.
Change the water every 2 hours.

MIX 7 DROPS OF THAT OIL IN 1 TBSP PURE ALMOND OIL ( You can buy it from us as
well) . Massage every hour with it and it would keep the high temperature and
body ache at bay.
BUY PANCHKOOT TOO. This is blend of 5 Ayurvedic herbs with miraculous result on
most of the infections with no side effects. Dose will be confirmed by me. So,
consult before administering. 

Give ajwain senk in case of tummy ache or chest congestion. and
let the person inhale ajwain fume too. Give papaya leaf extract for faster
recovery. You can buy this also from us. No dairy at all. No non veg at all. REMEMBER
NO SOLIDS. If the above is followed, you can cure the person irrespective of
age with no side effects in max 2 days. Remember all the above steps are
I practice these for my kids too.

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