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After years of dyeing, flat ironing, highlighting, curling, bleaching, and even unicorn-ing our hair to our heart’s content, using one of the best hair masks for damaged hair is pretty much the only way to achieve a hair do-over, unless you’re fierce enough to get a buzzcut and make us all jealous.

Depending on your hair texture and type, the right hair mask can deep condition overly dry hair that has splits (though to truly repair split ends you will eventually have to trim or cut hair) seal hair cuticles for a glossier mane, and make hair look and feel smoother, less tangled, and more manageable.

Is there any reason not to use a hair mask if you have damaged hair? Nope, none we can think of!!! 🙂

We can custom design the right one for you!!!

Try this and you’ll be amazed at how it revives dull hair (in just five minutes, by the way) and even shields it from future heat damage. Reviewers who have thick and course hair, fine hair, oily scalps dry ends, and even chemically processed hair all rave about how this mask leaves parched hair incredibly soft, glossy, and healthy looking.

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For untangled, naturally fragrant, frizz free hair.

How to Use: 

All you need for this conditioning hair and scalp treatment is an hour and 2 tablespoon of our hair mask and either a shower cap or plastic cling wrap to cover your head with (although if you have hair that is longer than shoulder length you may need to use more of the hair mask). Keep in mind that this treatment should be done before you take a shower because this is a little too rich to use as a leave in treatment in my opinion, even if you use the littlest amount, you’ll still be left with greasy looking locks.

Apply on root and length. Leave for an hour . Then shampoo

Before your shower, and before you apply the mask, make sure you brush your hair. Brushing all of the tangles from your hair will only make your life easier while applying the mask so don’t forget to detangle! Start by taking a small amount of the butter and massaging it into your scalp. Once you’ve coated your scalp with a very thin layer of mask start coating your strands. Put a generous amount of the mask on your strands on especially saturate your ends then wrap your hair up in a hair bun and pop on that shower cap for 45 minutes to an hour or even half an hour if your pressed for time. After letting the masque sit you can take a shower and shampoo and condition your hair as normal.

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