Night Elixir Plus

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Night Elixir has Powerful serum made from 25 herbs mentioned in Ayurveda to prepare kumkumadi plus 6 plus essential oils.

How we are different from Others:

All Products are free from chemical and artificial fragrance. This is a unique formulation designed by us using 5000 year old recipe of Ayurveda. This is a Handmade product. As you are aware Handmade products preserve the nutritive value of oils & herbs whereas machines process (mass production of products) raw material in fast mixer and increased temperature during mix lead to major loss of nutritive value.


Night Elixir Plus Customized for every individual anatomy, Ageless Night Serum with natural Retinol & antioxidants.

Powerful serum made from 25 herbs mentioned in Ayurveda to prepare kumkumadi plus 6 plus essential oils. Each bottle is customised as per skin condition of an individual. This has multiple benefits like detan, pigmentation cure, marks removal, glow, antiageing and all.

Night Elixir Plus is with additional essential oils.

Apply on clean face at night. Massage well. Wash face in the morning. In case the oil gives you acne, keep it on for 60 minutes. Then wash with normal water and pat dry. Don’t combine with any other moisturiser or face oil.It makes the skin clear, glowing, healthy, firm and youthful.It brings a radiance to the face. It fades away puffiness and dark circles. It clears away after pimple marks and tan. Glow is also a youth elixir… It fades wrinkles & fine lines.

  • Revitalizing Night Facial Oil For Face & Eye Area & Neck for Flawless Glowing Skin
  • Brings a Glow & Clears Under Eye Dark Circles & Fades Pigmentation & Discoloration & makes skin Healthy & Nourished
  • Nature In a Bottle – 100% Natural — Made with Coldpressed & Essential Oils of Flowers, Fruits & Seeds.

Designed as per Ayurvedic formula in Ashtang Hridayam Sutrasthanam which believes in Body being treated like a temple. CUSTOM DESIGNED INDIVIDUAL SKIN CARE PRODUCT WHICH CAN NEVER FAIL AS ITS DESIGNED SPECIALLY FOR AN INDIVIDUAL NEED.

Shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacturing.

Note: Low shelf life because our products are just like the food products you buy. It is 100% Organic and does not contain any chemicals, preservatives or artificial fragrance. Product quantity is enough to utilize over period of 1 to 2 months or less depending on the frequency of usage.

How to Use

Apply 3 drops of the serum liberally on the face in outward direction with up strokes


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