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Fungi grow easily in warm, damp areas of your body like the groin, armpits, vagina, and colon. They also tend to lodge in areas with poor circulation, including the toes and joints. Often a fungal infection in the foot is a sign of a deeper fungal infection in the bowels, or lungs.

Fungus and the Mind

As person with a fungal infections may experience doubt and uncertainty. This is because the infection poisons your blood. These toxins circulate through every organ, including your brain and mind. People with chronic fungal infections may experience deeper emotional sensitivity and awareness. While this may feel desirable, it is better to heal the infection and develop awareness through meditative practices.

The Ayurvedic Approach

Ayurveda recommends an alkaline diet high in bitter and astringent tastes and low in sweet taste. The bowels should be kept clean with a high fiber diet and gentle laxatives like triphala.


Organic way to cure fungal infections, rashes on skin. Please do not use synthetic chemicals on your skin and use herbal oils instead. Check out the Ingredients of Anti fungal creams in the market. Google the side-effects of those ingredients. Most have steroids which are carcinogenic if used for long.

Also check-out the Ingredients of our products, It is made out of all natural, therapeutic grade essentials oils and herbs. We use Lavender oil blended with chamomile, sandal and tea tree blended with herbs like vacha, lodhra, mahamanjishtha to cure skin of the infection. Also its Handmade which preserves the nutritive value of oils & herbs.

The formulae used is 5000 year old driven from Ayurvedic scriptures of Charak Sanhita.

This oil blend has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, and fungicidal properties. Some cases it can even stimulate new cell growth. These properties work together to form a potent treatment for fungal infections on your skin. These conditions include:

  • Ringworm: This is a contagious, itchy skin condition that can be caused by several kinds of fungus. Sometimes ringworm can be found on the scalp.
  • Athlete’s Foot: This is a type of ringworm that is found on the feet. Athlete’s foot earns its name because it’s common in people who spend a lot of time in damp, warm socks after athletic activity.
  • Tinea Versicolor This fungal infection causes small discolored patches to show up on your skin. The fungus can be found on anyone’s skin, and discoloration only happens when the fungus overgrows. Oily skin or hormonal changes can be risk factors for tinea versicolor.
  • ToeNail Fungus: Also known as onychomycosis, toenail fungus affects up to 20 percent of the population. This type of fungi can be stubborn and hard to get rid of. Toenail fungus causes nails to become yellowed or otherwise discolored, with streaks or spots appearing in the nail.
  • Jock Itch: This is caused by fungus that can be spread from person to person. The fungus grows in warm areas of your body where sweat collects under your clothes, like your genitals and buttocks.

How to use:

You can use this antifungal blend topically to treat overgrowths of fungi on your skin using something clean and disposable, like a sterile cotton gauze pad, to coat the affected area of your skin.

Make sure that you are only touching the area of your skin that’s affected by the fungus so that you don’t spread the fungus over healthy skin. You may need to apply the oil two to three times per day over a period of several weeks to see results.

There’s a potential that even after treating fungus with this oil blend, symptoms from the fungus will remain. In this case, seek advice from a doctor before complications develop.

There’s also the chance of an allergic reaction. Before using any oil blend as a home remedy on your skin, do a patch test with a small amount of the diluted essential oil on a small part of your skin that isn’t affected by the fungus.

Monitor that part of your skin for at least 24 hours to make sure that you can tolerate using the essential oil topically.

Essential oils are not for ingestion. Cases of essential oil toxicity have been reported when people have consumed essential oils. This holds true when essential oil is diluted with carrier oils — don’t use diluted essential oils internally.


Anti Fungal Oil is an Organic way to cure fungal infections, rashes on skin.

How To Use: Apply on the rash twice a day. Avoid high pitta generating food.

Ingredients: Lavender oil blended with chamomile, sandal and tea tree to cure skin of the infection

The Ayurvedic Approach

Ayurveda recommends an alkaline diet high in bitter and astringent tastes and low in sweet taste. The bowels should be kept clean with a high fiber diet and gentle laxatives like triphala.

Augment your diet with these specially chosen ingredients below which may be useful for ‘Chronic Fungus infection’. Individual results vary depending the cause of your imbalance and by constitution. Please research the ingredients below to find which are most helpful for you.

Practice Anulom Vilom Pranayam 10 minutes morning and evening to increase oxygen level in blood.
Consult us one on one for a specific diet and lifestyle plan. Cost is INR 500 only.

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