Fresh Eyes Drop

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We use Purest Rooh Gulab, check out the benifits of Rooh Gulab. Its an essential oil extracted from the petals of rose flower which has many benefits. This product is far much better and safe compare to eye drops in market. Again, google Ingredients details other products in the market.

How we are different from Others:

This is handmade product, and manufactured only after the order for maximizing benefits to our customer.  As you are aware Handmade products preserve the nutritive value of oils & herbs whereas machines process (mass production of products) raw material in fast mixer and increased temperature during mix lead to major loss of nutritive value. Among handmade soap manufacturers also, many use synthetic colors and lab generated fragrances to satisfy consumer senses. However, these can cause serious health issues .

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*****  Triaanyas Health Mantra Provide wide range of cold pressed oil. We are ISO certified Company, FSSAI Certified, Promoting farming, Promoting Women Employment & Skill Development.


Fresh Eyes Drop is a Purest form of rose water to freshen up the eyes tired from screen use. Safe for even babies above 6 months of age. Can treat minor eye infections too. Highly recommended for this gizmo loving generation.

It helps in Eye Flu, Heat, Eye irritation cure.

How To User: Put 2 drops in eyes as many times a day you want.

Ingredients: Purest Rooh Gulab.

Shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacturing. This Eye Drops is a blessing for our eyes.

Note: Low shelf life because our products are just like the food products you buy. It is 100% Organic and does not contain any chemicals, preservatives or artificial fragrance. Product quantity is enough to utilize over period of 1 to 2 months or less depending on the frequency of usage.

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